Ghouls Guts & Gore Top 10 Horror Films of 2014

We look forward to another amazing year in 2015, but don’t let the memory of 2014 slip away too easily without watching these 10 incredible movies. 

Sound off and let us know which one’s you’ve seen and where you rank them!

10. The Purge: Anarchy
What a huge difference it makes moving the 24 hour “Purge-a-thon” out of the house and into the city streets. I was extremely surprised how much I enjoyed this sequel. The budget for this series clearly increased because there is non-stop action, explosions, and threats from all angles throughout the film and the whole thing has a sort of Escape from New York vibe which isn’t a bad thing at all!

9. The Babadook 
The Babadook is horror storytelling at its finest, although i’m unsure how I feel about the ending still. It’s a film where you actually feel some sort of emotion for the characters, and the real horror of the film is about a mother dealing with caring for her difficult child. My immediate reaction to this film was that it was sort of generic, but when several days went by and I was still thinking about it, I knew this film was a special watch. When the Babadook storybook makes its first appearance you’re hooked into this film and along for the ride. It’s not a movie that forgets storytelling in order to try to be scary, and really isn’t that scary at all. It is however an extremely interesting story about a mother and son with a great atmosphere from start to finish. You won’t be able to stop mumbling “Baba-dook-dook-dook” either.

8. Tusk
Kevin Smith going full walrus is just the start of a series of “weird” movies on this top 10 list. 2014 was a great year for “Did they really make a movie about that?” moments. Tusk was an absolute delight for me to watch, and the only horror movie on this list that I went to see twice in theaters. Michael Parks gives one of the most interesting character performances of the year. It’s worth it to watch this movie just to see him act, but along the way you’ll see a truly unique story that only Kevin Smith could have made. While you may snicker at Justin Long and Johnny Depp’s antics, don’t go into this movie expecting to laugh, expect to make weird horrified faces when you see Justin Long in a walrus costume for the first time. It’s a one of a kind experience.

7. WolfCop
One of the funnest films of the year, and Grindhouse horror at it’s finest! Wolfcop is something you’d expect to have seen decades ago. This movie is ridiculous, and I love it! From the hilariously gory and well-done transformation scene to the best Werewolf sex scene ever made, It’s an extremely fun movie to watch that already has a sequel in the works. Great practical effects make up the entire movie, with some awesome props like the Wolf Mobile.

6. Zombeavers
If horror comedy is your thing, Zombeavers now wears the crown. If there was ever a movie to watch with a group of friends around a few beers, it is THIS movie. The characters are hilarious, the beavers are obnoxious, and the kills are always interesting. Zombeavers takes the same teenagers in a cabin set-up and completely makes fun of it in one of the most entertaining films of the year.

5. Nurse 3D
Paz de la Huerta. ‘Nuf Said. But seriously this movie goes hand in hand with Zombeavers for party movie of the year. It’s always great to watch a horror film that gives you chills or haunts your nightmares days later, but it’s equally as satisfying to watch a dark sleezy character as fun as Nurse. There are so many ways to describe this movie, a psycho sexy horror soap opera with amazing one-liners and tongue-in-cheek innuendo’s from Nurse’s voiceovers. There are so many brilliant funny situations that happen, and if you’re fortunate enough to see it in 3D, it uses the gimmick better than any other 3D horror film I can think of by not taking it so seriously.

4. Oculus
After four modern grindhouse flicks in a row on this list, you’d think a movie about a killer mirror would keep with the trend, but Oculus is very serious, and an extremely well executed horror film. It is an unsettling psychological horror trip that has the most sophisticated storytelling of any movie on this list. This movie seamlessly weaves in and out of two timelines which makes the pacing of the film extremely tense. Horror is found in not knowing what is real or unreal as main characters Kaylie and Tim try and destroy an antique supernatural mirror that has haunted them and their family since they were kids. This movie had me completely hooked and on the edge of my seat and does an incredible job with some shocking moments.

3. Circus of the Dead
I wish more people have seen this movie! Unfortunately, it was only shown at festivals and a few conventions this year, but luckily I was able to catch a screening of it at Texas Frightmare Weekend. Bill Oberst Jr. puts on one of my favorite performances ever as lead killer clown Papa Corn. He’s given an amazing script and series of lines to work with, and you can tell he had fun with this character. Papa Corn is as intriguing as they come. Surprisingly, this is probably the most brutal and unapologetic horror film on this list and the most violent. I am dying to track this one down to see it a second time, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since seeing it. Circus of the Dead is destined to go down as one of the best clown films ever when it has a wider release, and is definitely going to pick up a large cult following. There are so many moments you’ll want to discuss afterwards and memorable lines of dialogue to recite. It’s a wild ride, and should be more accessible in 2015.

2. Starry Eyes
Amazing character performances are key to any film, but Alex Essoe trumps everyone on this top 10 list with her performance as Sarah in Starry Eyes, a girl willing to do whatever it takes for fame and fortune. Everyone is talking about her performance in this movie and rightfully so, she kills it, and literally kills…a lot! This movie has the style, the soundtrack, the shock value, the gore, and the story all packaged together in one amazing film. Unlike a lot of the movies on this list, there’s no gimmicks, or creatures, or explosions, just a woman becoming a violent monster. Alex is so committed to this role and goes through an unbelievable transformation in this movie. While Starry Eyes is not my number one movie of the year, it is in my opinion the MUST SEE horror movie of 2014.

1. Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead
The sequel to one of my favorite zombie movies of all time, is now quite possibly my FAVORITE zombie movie of all time. Fun with horror once again, Dead Snow 2 challenges the notion that zombie movies are stale by coming up with some of the best death scenes over and over again. This movie proves there are still creative ways to kill a zombie, and has a TON of unique zombie kills! Nazi Zombies are already compelling enough, but then midway through the film there are Russian Zombies! The number of laugh out loud kills and battle scenes is nearly endless, and I can’t think of any movie i’ve had more fun watching. Pure horrific entertainment, Dead Snow 2 is our number one movie of 2014.


Oxidization can add a unique look to any metal object, but some of the more professional processes can be time consuming and pricey. Fortunately, nearly the same effect can be achieved with a simple paint job using inexpensive craft supplies purchased from Michaels craft store. For this project, I will be painting three metal G's in honor of our YouTube channel. 

The most important part of creating this effect is choosing your color palette wisely. Look up photos of real oxidation and compare the different paints that are available to you. My project consists of 4 colors purchased from Michaels. Their official names are aqua, bright yellow, brick red and brown. 

Wet a sponge and squeeze out any excess water. Then start covering your object with a few layers of the aqua colored paint. Remember that you always want to use the lightest color first. Apply the paint by dabbing the sponge along the surface of your object. The more textured the paint is, the more convincing the oxidation effect will look.

After applying a few coats, let your object sit for a few minutes to dry. Acrylic paint dries quickly, so you shouldn't have to wait long.

The next step is important because it will decide the pattern of your rust formation. Dab your sponge in the yellow paint and create your desired pattern. As you apply the yellow, try to gradually build up the color by adding a few layers. Wait for each layer to dry before adding the next. 

Once the yellow layers have dried, switch to a completely dry sponge for the next step.

Just as you did with the yellow, start layering on the brick red color. Keep up the same dabbing motion as you apply paint around the object. Creating subtile gradations with the paint will help add more interest and dimension to the effect, so make sure you take your time with this step.

Finally, layer some brown on top of the brick red to add some dirty rust spots around your piece. Try to use this color sparingly, because adding much could muddy up the colors and ruin the effect. Also, feel free to experiment at this point. I used paint brushes and water to create streaks and interesting rust-like formations in the paint. Once you are satisfied with how the piece looks, set it off to the side to dry completely. 

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