We've Picked a Charity!

I'm so happy to announce that our campaign to raise money for shark conservation is going great. The design for the t-shirt is complete and we will be releasing it very soon. Also keep up with us online for updates on when t-shirt sales will begin. 

For a couple of weeks we have been struggling to choose a charity to donate the funds we earn from our t-shirt sales. There's so many great organizations doing great work for sharks. However there was one charity that we connected with the most, so earlier this week we decided to give everything we earn to Shark Angels! 

Shark Angels is an independent New York based charity that does incredible things to save sharks. They work hard to raise awareness to critical issues and most importantly, they take action. So please, this time a year when we are all looking forward to Shark Week, think about what you can do to help these beautiful animals and what's easier than buying a t-shirt? 

Show your pride as a shark lover and support a great organization. WE CAN'T IGNORE THESE ISSUES ANY LONGER!

Make sure to visit SharkAngels.org for more information about this amazing organization.