Boom Improv

As videographers and filmmakers, if a piece of essential gear breaks onset or moments before a shoot, do we freak out? Well maybe if it was the camera or lens that broke... but the answer is, no we don't!

I don't have all the experience in the world, but I have had to do a lot of problem solving in my young career, so I'm going to share something with you that happened to me recently. 

I was getting my equipment ready for a corporate shoot that was taking place in few hours when I realized my boom pole was broken. Normally, I would have just switched to using the Rode Smartlav, but my production partner had taken it with him out of state.

Mounting on the camera wasn't an option so I had to come up with something quick. My solution required less electrical tape than I thought it would.

What I ended up doing was taping the end of my Pearstone 4.2" Articulating Arm to a boom pole from my lighting kit. Tape was required because I couldn't find any other means of connecting these two together in the little time I had. Once the arm was attached to the pole, I connected my Rycote Cold Shoe Extension Bar which thankfully is threaded at the bottom. With the cold shoe mount in place, I could finally mount my Rode Videomic Pro. Minus the tape... I really liked the set up. Having the articulating arm involved made positioning the mic a lot easier than what I'm normally used to. 

Thanks for reading! Keep coming back to for more posts about my adventures as a DIY filmmaker! 


Shopping List/ Where to Buy

Rode Videomic Pro-

Rycote 037303 Cold Shoe Extension Bar-

Pearstone 4.2" (10.7cm) Articulating Israeli Arm-