The Men in Grey Suits


So I guess you're wondering where the name "Grey Suit Studios" came from and why we have a big blue shark on every page of this site. It's pretty simple overall, the inspiration for our company name came from the surfer idiom, "men in grey suits," which was coined by surfer Ron Chamberlain as another term for sharks. I tend to think that this colloquial phrase sounds way better than "Garbage Can of the Sea Studios," which is the species' other adorable nickname.

Sharks have always been some what of a passion of mine and if I believed in spirit animals, mine would definitely be a large hulking shark. Jaws happens to be one of my favorite movies and Shark Week is of course my favorite holiday. You get the idea, I love sharks. 

Not only do I love sharks, but I have a passion for filmmaking. As a four year old watching Jurassic Park, I decided that I either wanted to be a filmmaker or a dinosaur. I imagine as I get older, someone from a younger generation will eventually call me a dinosaur, but for now, I'm working on the filmmaker part. 

So combine those two great loves of my life and Grey Suit Studios is born. I look forward to growing this company and further developing my skills behind the camera, as well as creating beautiful videos with powerful messages. know what else is powerful? ...A shark! 

Thank you for taking some time to get to know Grey Suit Studios and keep an eye out for more content and short films coming this summer.