Sharks Need Fins & People Need T-Shirts

We are so happy to finally share the t-shirt design that we will be selling on to help raise funds for shark conservation! This design represents positive vibes towards sharks. It focuses not on violence, but on beauty. Featured on the shirt is a beautiful shark with our favorite made up camera, the Canon 5D Shark III strapped over it's fin. The "Take Only Photos" mantra comes from the old saying, "take only pictures and leave only footprints," which is meant to remind people to respect nature. 

Too many fins are being taken from sharks these days, so we came up with this t-shirt to be a friendly reminder to take nothing except their picture. 

All funds from our t-shirt sales will be given to Shark Angels!

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We've Picked a Charity!

I'm so happy to announce that our campaign to raise money for shark conservation is going great. The design for the t-shirt is complete and we will be releasing it very soon. Also keep up with us online for updates on when t-shirt sales will begin. 

For a couple of weeks we have been struggling to choose a charity to donate the funds we earn from our t-shirt sales. There's so many great organizations doing great work for sharks. However there was one charity that we connected with the most, so earlier this week we decided to give everything we earn to Shark Angels! 

Shark Angels is an independent New York based charity that does incredible things to save sharks. They work hard to raise awareness to critical issues and most importantly, they take action. So please, this time a year when we are all looking forward to Shark Week, think about what you can do to help these beautiful animals and what's easier than buying a t-shirt? 

Show your pride as a shark lover and support a great organization. WE CAN'T IGNORE THESE ISSUES ANY LONGER!

Make sure to visit for more information about this amazing organization.


Fundraising T-Shirt for Shark Conservation

As you may have noticed throughout this site, we are passionate about sharks. We have used the image of the shark as a marketing tool and a logo. Now its time to give back and help these  important animals.

A few weeks ago we discovered Ink to the People, which is a crowd source funded method of selling and distributing custom t-shirts. With Shark Week quickly approaching we thought the timing couldn't be more perfect to raise some funds for shark conservation and help people express their love for sharks with an awesome t-shirt.

As of right now, the conservation group which we will be donating the funds to is uncertain but we will announce that as soon as possible.

The shirt will be made from a sustainable organic cotton, which is a nice soft fabric and great for the environment. Follow this blog and @GreySuitStudios across the various social media platforms for updates about the shirt, contests and which conservation group we connect with.

Thank you all!