Fintastic Creativity

Filmmaking × Photography × illustration  


Video production and storytelling are my profession and passion. With my diverse creative background and over 8 years of production experience, I produce videos with a clear message and strong visual impact. Some of my past projects include the creation of motion graphics for Kraft Mac & Cheese and corporate videography for companies like Discover Card and Wilton Brands. I have also produced promotional content for escape rooms and haunted attractions, along with various commercials for local Chicagoland area businesses. Simply put, I love what I do and I offer production services that are both budget friendly and deliver high quality results.



I have always enjoyed adorning my space with custom pieces and for this reason "DIY" has consumed my life. I enjoy working with all kinds of materials and tackling projects that range from the simple to the insanely complicated. 

I breathe new life into old and unloved furniture by reupholstering and repainting them. To highlight a few other projects, I constructed a cinder block aquarium stand for my turtle tank, I also sewed custom crushed velvet curtains for my bedroom window, and I turned a novelty leg-shaped drink container into a quirky bathroom planter. 



Logo Designs

Original Art Drawn on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil


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